Lately I Keep Scissors LP (Heyday) 1988
"Don't Let It Bring You Down"/"Haze Is Free" 7" (Forced Exposure) 1990
One Perfect Green Blanket LP (Normal) 1992
One Perfect Green Blanket CD (incl. all Scisssors tracks) (Heyday) 1992
"B4 We Go Under"/"Love You 1000 Ways" 7" (Teenbeat) 1993
"Hummingbird"/"Slip Into the Ocean" 7" (Ball Peen) 1993
Sings With The Original Artists CD (w/ Stuart Moxham) (Feel Good All Over) 1995
1212 2xLP/CD (Matador) 1997
In New Zealand LP/CD (the Communion label) 1999

with the Go-Luckys

Homeless Is Where The Heart Is LP/CD (Naive) 1999

SF Seals

"Nowherica"/"Being Cheated" 7" (Sub Pop) 1993
Baseball Trilogy 7"/CD (Matador) 1993
Now Here LP/CD (Matador) 1994
"Still?"/"Don't Underestimate Me" 7" (Matador) 1994
Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows LP/CD (Matador) 1995
"Ipecac"/"How Did You Know?" 7" (Matador) 1995

World of Pooh

Land of Thirst LP (Nuf Sed) 1989
"GHM"/"Someone Wants You Dead" 7" (K) 1990
A Trip to Your Tonsils 7" (Nufsed) 1993

28th Day

Barbara and the Go-Luckys s/t LP (Bring Out Your Dead/Enigma) 1985

Glands of External Secretion

Demonstrate Congo Bob's Epic Saliva Torture 7" (Starlight FC) 1992
February 2, 1992 7" (Majora) 1992
Northern Exposure Will Be Right Back LP/CD (Starlight FC) 1995
Who's Who in Hospitalization CD (w/ Prick Decay) (Starlight FC) 1997
s/t 2xCD (w/ The Double U) (VHF) 1997

Miscellaneous Appearances

"I Can Hear Music," "I Want to Be With You," "Acupuncture," and "Slow Down" on I Can Hear Music ltd. ed. bonus CD (w/ Dump) (Brinkman) 1994
"San Diego Zoo" on Wasp's Nest CD (w/ the 6ths) (London) 1995
Athens by Night CD (w/ JC Hopkins) (Shell) 1997
"Locked in Blue" on David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights CD (Flying Nun) 1998

Compilation Appearances

"Dead Sinner" on Restless Variations LP (w/ 28th Day) (Restless) 1985
"On The Wrong Side" and"Mr. Coffee-Nerves" on Insight 2xLP (w/ World of Pooh) (Wiring Dept.) 1987
"Someone Wants You Dead" on Bob #37 flexi (Bob Magazine) 1988
"Druscilla Penny" on Timeless Positive Infinity 7" (w/ World of Pooh) (Bananafish) 1989
"Don't Rewind" on The Acoustic Music Project CD (solo) (Alias) 1989
"Dominance and Submission" on Not All That Terrifies Harms 7" (w/ World of Pooh) (Nuf Sed/Ajax) 1992
"Joed Out" on No Alternative CD (w/ SF Seals) (Arista) 1993
"Strip Club" on Step, Step, Steppin' on Satan's Foot CD (w/ World of Pooh) (Bananafish) 1994
"Anniversary Song" on A Far Cry CD (w/ Behr, Fox & Manning) (C/Z) 1994
"Back Again" on Inside Dave's Garage Volume 5 7" (w/ SF Seals) (Radiopaque) 1994
"First Line (Seven the Row)" on Hausmusik Festplatte LP/CD (solo) (Hausmusik) 1996
"A Total Plate. . ." on Breaking the Plastic Hymen 4x7" (w/ Glands) (Fisheye) 1996
"George's Theme (quite chipper)" and "Isn't Lonely Lovely" on Fame Whore Soundtrack CD (solo) (New York City Records) 1996
"Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" on The Diamond Cuts, Volume 1 CD (w/ SF Seals) (Hungry for Music) 1997
"Dock Ellis" on The Diamond Cuts, Volume 2 CD (w/ SF Seals) (Hungry for Music) 1998
"Tunas Vs. Ponies" on Harmony of the Sponges CD (w/ Glands) (Gym Teacher) 1998
"Whatever I Do Is Right/Wrong" on God Save The Clean CD (w/ Calexico) (Flying Nun) 1998
"How Did You Know?" on A Day at the Beach CD (w/ SF Seals) (Koch) 1998
"H-A-T-R-E-D" on Kenui Myhouse CD (w/ Glands) (Hell's Half Halo) 1998
"Foghat" on 100 Locked Grooves LP (w/Glands) (RRRecords) 1998
"Supper's on the Phone" on MxVxSxEx 7" (w/ Glands) (Cock Displacement)
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